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Kit for Drafting

Kit for Drafting
Drafting Kit includes the following items:
12" Triangular Scale
Small Rotary Lead Pointer
Mars Erasing Shield
8" Triangle 45/90 Degree
14" Triangle 30/60 Degree
Ames Lettering Guide
Drafting Dots/ Roll of 500
Mars Technico Lead Holder
Sketch Master Template
Plastic Wallet 16"x10"
Lumgraph Lead 4h degree
Home Furnishing Template
Dusting Brush
Mars Draft .5mm Auto Pencil

Lumograph Lead HB Degree

ALVIN & COMPANY-Mesh Bag. Sometimes the simplest organizers are the ones used the most. This clear plastic bag has a mesh-like textured surface which gives it extra durability. Ideal for home; office; school and crafting-- keep like supplies together such as pens & markers; buttons & embellishments; die-cuts; stickers; ribbons; toys and more. The bag measures 12x16 inches and has one compartment with a zipper closure. This package contains one bag. Imported. Item Height: 13. Item Width: 17. Item Depth: 0.4